Thursday, February 22, 2018

Looked 5 dear in the eyes

Strolling through the marshlands of Marshfield MA for a hike. I dont carry weapons i just commune with nature.
 I came across 4 dear. I went the other way so as not to scare them. About a half hour later I came down the path the opposite way. Didnt expect to see them still there. But poked around the corner and a big one was staring at me. I took another step and he retreated. I noticed 4 other dear. One more than before. I didnt want them to run
away nor did I want them to charge me. So I tried to look non threatening and pass by them on the trail. I couldnt help but periodically look them right in the eyes. I dont look people in the eyes, not even the 7 11 cashier in the eyes. But today I stared at 5 dear as I passed them by.

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