Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Storm Nemo February 2013

Google I, Randy will tell you my harrowing experience of how I avoided death during Snow Storm Nemo.
Friday through Tuesday
Tuesday night I decided to explore the backroads of Pembroke/ Duxbury. I noticed after the first mile of driving on the roads that these roads were not plowed. Why didn't I take the main roads? Well, I wanted to push the limits and head towards the deep woods of Duxbury. After tailing a car for a few miles we reach a two lane road reduced to one lane. 7pm and dark woods on either side as we drive fast through the woods a giant tree blocks most of the road we drive around. I have my psychedelic music blaring. There are Utility trucks blocking the road ahead, the snow covers half the road. Why did I not take the paved way home?
         I open the window, notice the car in front start a three point turn. I can't see too well but I attempt a 50 foot reverse drive. I hope I don't hit the downed tree, I try and check my mirrors but visibility is low. I pull into a strangers driveway, look behind and back across the road up onto a snowbank. I turn the wheel all the way to the right and speed out with a slight skid. I manuever around the down tree. A giant downhill lurks infront but I must stop on the snowy icy road to bang a right.
          I skid to a stop and turn down the dark road. I am warm so I roll down the window. Just in time to see a giant tree in the road. The roads are very snowy and I have to weave around fallen trees. Trees that have branches on the road. This two lane road doesn't fit two cars anymore. I am going 40 mph and a car is coming from the other direction. I drive my passenger tires into a snow bank and whip back left after the car passes. I survived. But I see a moron driver ahead waiting in the 4 way intersection refusing to go across. I have my blinker to turn infront of them. I am still rolling they haven't proceeded through the intersection yet. This is a potential accident!
        I finally come to a complete stop and they are waving me through. They have the right of way. I always put faith in the road laws. This has prevented me from car to car accidents in my 6 years driving. I decide I must be more forceful than them and insist they go as the law dictates. They hesitate. I wave them on and hold down the horn continuously for 10 seconds, 20 seconds 30 seconds. Finally, they proceed.
      Just a few more roads home, I had certainly gotten my excitement in this short driving adventure. The groceries need to get home. I turn down a dark road, the more dangerous the better. As I drive faster than reasonable I notice an entire fork in that road is blocked by trees and rubble. Fortunately that involves going the other way.  I avoid branches that protude over the road. I go down the windy Parsonage road. I take the icy turns. The final turn has me rise up and be weightless. I arrive home to text that Sid and Nancy have finally wished an appropriate but sincere thankfulness to Linda and Jerry for all their help in helping me survive the storm. Linda responds it was her pleasure and she was glad I am now comfortable.

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