Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Myles Standish Misadventure

       I drive into the Myles Standish forest to go to an area I have never been. I miss a turn. An army of prisoners march on the road in front of me. |Believing I am in trouble, I stop. They let me go by; but the drill sergeant is yelling the chant
"We don't know what we've been told . . ."
His back is turned he is in my lane. The whole pack of convicts is in the other lane. I balance a tire over the ditch on the right side of the road and go past. I tail a white car over rough roads. I enjoy an autumn picturesque lake to my left. As I travel the rolling hills I see an abandoned car. And shortly thereafter a dude with a long beard. When I get out of my car and put my new shoes on. He comes by and we exchange pleasantries. It's 3:30pm. And as I walk, I enjoy the blue jays and prepare for my usual over-the-top long hike. I walk through rolling pavement hills to the desired dirt path. It is over-grown with brush. I enjoy the hills and feel out of breath. My new shoes are breaking in. I am getting in shape. I get to a cleaner path (less brush) and continue. I enjoy the majestic wilderness. I go far out, reflecting on many things. The stillness and quietness are unlike any other thing. I am far from the demands of people at work. I decide to run back. I get back to where the original trail meets. I stop since my shin hurts. My sunglasses and car keys are missing!!!!!
 I am the only one on this desolate and quiet path. So, even though it is 4:50 pm and the sun will disappear completely by 6:30 PM I head back. I feel discouraged at first, but then realize that I will rely on adrenaline like I usually have to on these miscalculated hikes. I see a giant frog, or toad- never could tell the difference. First, I find my cherished green sunglasses after some ways down the trail. But no keys. I continue. Finally, further down the path, buried in the dirt, are my keys. I head back holding my cell phone, the map, the keys, and sunglasses over my head. I am thirsty. I go down the familiar path; smelling pine all around me. No allergies, I only breath hard when I go up a hill.  I feel spiritual energy, I feel like I am watched. Although I don't think it is the intense feeling described by ghost hunters. But not wanting to attract demons or see some black eyed, disgusting looking horned monster. I turn my thoughts towards Jesus Christ. At ease my focus shifts to the discomfort in my feet. This path has millions of rocks, and it is annoying. I am not sure if my new left shoe is slanted, or if my footing is continually askew. I come by this creepy spot where this giant spruce tree stands. The bottom branches look like giant wings and completely cover the sight of what lies behind. The uncertainty frightens me. Otherwise, thick transparent brush hides nothing from me.
     I cross the street and head down the bike trail. I make plans with family and friends as I it is 5:15 pm and I expect to be out of the woods by 5:20pm. I go down the bike path and think about finding a wallet. I would take all the money, out and leave the wallet there. But if someone came back down the trail and asked me about the money I would give it back. I would not want to be duped, so I would demand a $100 finder's fee. If only. .  . I enjoy the sight of hills and valleys. A rowdy dirt-biker races by. I walk around the corner hearing a splash in the swamp. I don't see the Loch ness monster. So, I continue.  However, I am startled by people swearing and acting like drunk idiots. Only these fools are in charge of vicious dogs. One of the dogs sees me and barks ferociously. My heart races.

       The road wraps around the New Long Pond and my car is around the corner. (This picture to the right is a reverse angle. The road where my car sits wraps around the other side of this pond. You can see a silver car in the center of the photo, if you examine it closely.) But I can't past these dogs. The people are behind their car out of sight fishing and playing fetch with their mongrels. With no decency. I hear the dogs barking mad at some coyote near my car. I can't loop back and around to my car. I am out of energy and that would take an hour. Fear turns to anger.
       I want to call the cops. I want to yell at these people. But I get a bad vibe from them. These could have been the dirt-biking people which is cool but it seems to be against the law. The government shut down today. These are lawless people. I decide to trail blaze through this incredibly thick brush over the hill. I get scraped and bloody. I can't see where I am going. Finally, I hear the voices of these people -the dogs bark murderously. The sun is going down it is now 5:20 pm. I would rather come out too far down the road than too short and be attacked by these dogs. So I turn deeper into the woods. A branch breaks my glasses. The glasses I won at work. My cherished sun glasses!
        My frustration and the fact I have trail blazed before urge me on. Boy, I am more of a pacifist than I ever would have imagined. Why am I not snitching on these selfish numskulls. Although it is too late, the cops wouldn't even be able to find me. I see nothing but forest. No time to reflect on the forest. I realize that I sound like a deer and these jerks may lead their dogs to hunt me. At which point I will furiously scream. I stomp on plants and branches, destroying the forest I love. My shoes. my shoes. my new shoes! Finally, I arrive to the road. I am lurched forward. I trip and fall several feet onto the road. The dogs barking madly. I run forward to stay upright. I race to my car -shoe laces untied. It's 5:38 pm and getting dark. I am so perturbed I drive away in silence.

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